Chairman’s Message


“Globalization in Technical Education is Imperative. I welcome new students to the bright fortune of this career.”

The industries in India have made a spectacular progress and established itself within the global market.  Multi National Companies from all around the world are looking at India for talents. Therefore, the entire focus is placed on academic institutions, which are the “Corner Stones” of world class talent for the industry.

I believe in the unquestioned ability of man to elevate his life by conscious endeavor. With this view SVS Group of Institutions was established as an opportunity for those who can let their hearts soar in the direction of their dreams is to get started. So, do not wait for your ship to come, swim out to it. with this spirit I welcome you on board and ascertain that here you will discover new dimension & touch new horizon, which will enrich you as individual & groom you as professional.

SVS Group of Institutions provides you a platform to fulfill your dreams, keeping in mind a vision that instills a spirit of professionalism & success. We also emphasize on the equality of individual personality development, so that students blossom like a flower with their own smell color and qualities.

SVS Group of Institutions is committed to working at this aim to provide the education which contains a healthy dose of practice& which is advanced revalued futuristic, appropriate and to cater the needs of all those connected with engineering and technology & management of the country.

Humane law for common good is the principle that must be followed. These suggested measures may be used to rectify the wayward behavior of the educands and help to make them even more wholesome change is a sign of life-for life is dynamic, and that which does not change is stagnant education is also a metaphor for change, growth, development, progress hence “innovation” therefore, is essential to growth as it is the main catalyst which spurs it on. It is also born of necessity and with sole intention of bringing about betterment, effectiveness and efficiency. Innovations, planned and executed with honesty, integrity and genuine concern for the welfare and growth of all, have a miraculous and amazingly gratifying effects.

I believe in you to join the SVSGI community and be a part of a journey that will be transformational.